What’s new at The Home Star

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April 2019: The menu is now available in Spanish

For all friends from Spain and Latin America, our menu is now available in Spanish.

February 2019: Eyebrow tattoo

September 2018: Closing 3-6 September

The Home Star will close from 3 to 6 September for renovation work, an opportunity to take our lovely staff on holidays, to thank them for their efforts. Reopening on Friday 7.

August 2018: Certification by the Ministry of Public health

We are proud to announce that The Home Star successfully passed the certification procedures of the Thai Ministry of Public Health. Click here for more information.

May 2018: New website

The Home Star is happy to present its own brand new website: thehomestar-chaam.com.

March 2018: The menu is now available in Finnish

Because the customers come from a large diversity of countries, THE HOME STAR just added a Finnish version of the program of services and treatments, which is now available in 9 different languages: English, French, Thai, German, Sweden, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian and Chinese.

March 2018 : New! Semi-permanent tattoos

Besides permanent body tattoos and Eyebrow tattoo 3D and 6D, our artist can now design semi-permanent tattoos for you.

February 2018: THE HOME STAR speaks your language

To make sure everyone feels welcomed and can choose exactly what he needs, the detailed menu of massages, treatment and care offered by THE HOME STAR now exists in several different languages: English, French, Thai, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian and Chinese.

February 2018: The French connection

These very nice people from France took over The Home Star and came back everyday during their stay. JC, the boss of the place, found them some scooters to rent and gave them tips and advice.

French group at The Home Star

January 2018: Eyebrow tattoo

Eyebrow tattoo 3D and 6D, by Ying the beautician of The Home Star.

Eyebrow tattoo

November 2017: New Spa

The spa has just been renovated, just ask to see it during your next visit at The Home Star.

October 2017: More fish in the fish spa

4,000 more fish have been added to the officially certified Fish Spa. Discover what it feels to have all those fish eating dead skin from your feet.

The Fish Spa

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  1. My spouse & I received Sport massages from Professional Caring People.
    I had received 2 Physio treatments in Bangkok with very little relief from low back hip & leg pain. First Sport massage treatment I was free of sharp pain radiating down my leg & my hip. I continued with 2 more lighter Sport massages with increasing relief. Ed & Marguerite

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