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The Home Star: Massages, body-care and wellness

Cha-am is already synonymous with relaxation, but your wellness would not be complete without massages and body treatments. To relax in expert hands, we warmly recommend The Home Star, a 3 storey salon facing the sea, in the big hotels district (between the Furama Sandara and the Golden Beach).

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The Home Star offers all the services of massages, body care, hairdressing, pedicure and manicure in the comfort of your home or hotel room. Just phone to book (see the numbers at the bottom of this page).

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Massages and wellness in Cha-am

Friendly staff, who speak English, French and Thai, welcome you in to the establishment, located on the beachfront. At the entrance is the fish-spa (the only officially certified one in Cha-am!) and the room for foot massage, foot reflexology and pedicure/manicure (simple or semi-permanent nail polish, gel, extensions, etc.).

The Home Star is also a professional hairdresser conforming to European standards. Hair cut, hair colour, hair care for damaged or dry hair, hair straightening, scalp massage… If you fancy a change, try this simple phrase: “Surprise me!”

Upstairs, you will find the Thai traditional and therapeutic massage room, the sauna, the spa, and a private room for body treatment (scrub, hair removal…).

The top floor is occupied by the facials room and the relaxation massage room, with exotic scents and zen music. Oil massage, aromatherapy and treatment for sunburn… all done by graduate professionals with a constant concern for safety and hygiene (the towels on which you recline are unfailingly changed after each client, which is not necessarily the case everywhere!). And it’s important to mention that the rates are nevertheless not higher than elsewhere.

Still on the top floor, let’s also mention the tattoo room: 3D and 6D eyebrow tattoos done by a qualified staff member who holds a diploma from a government certified beautician school, and body tattoos done by a famous and talented tattoo artist.

The “fish spa”.
The “fish spa”.

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How to get to the Home Star from your hotel

How to get to the Home Star
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