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Two go-kart tracks in Hua Hin

There are two karting tracks in Hua Hin, one is opposite the airport (take the first u-turn after the airport then turn left), and another one is behind Market Village (enter soi 88 then turn left after you cross the railway line, or enter soi 94 and turn right after the railway). At both places you can arrive and drive, and they provide you with helmets. The airport track is older and run by an Englishman, who will provide you with advice for your safety. A popular option is 1,000 baht for 26 minutes (two sessions of 13 minutes). They have two-seaters (with two steering wheels) so you can take kids on the track.

The soi 94 track is smaller and the karts are less powerful, but it is as much fun, and quite technical. They have smaller karts for children, suitable from around 8 yo. The service is nice, they provide you with a shower cap so you don’t sweat inside the helmet, and a refreshing towel after your race. It’s a bit more expensive (2 sessions of 8 minutes for 1,000 baht on a adult kart) but they have a happy time from 10 to noon (8 minutes for 300 baht).

Both places have staff ready to help you if you get stuck. We recommend that you wear trousers and proper shoes (the MV track has shoes for rent).

The track near the airport.
The track near the airport.
The track behind Market Village.
The track behind Market Village.

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  1. I was keen to have a run at the track near the airport.
    But after seeing the state of the karts I decided to give it a miss .
    I don`t even know how they get around the track !

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