Cha-am Tourist Map

Our tourist map of Cha-am can be found at our sponsors’ venues and in major hotels of Cha-am.

Many thanks to all our sponsors:

(by alphabetical order)

This map can be found in hotels and restaurants, and at our sponsors’ venues. It is a paper, hard copy edition, but we also offer an interactive city map.

This map is an on-going project and will be updated every year, so if you want to have your marker on the map next year or become a sponsor, please feel free to contact us.

Map Legend

  Restaurants, bakeries and cafes
  Hotels and guesthouses
  Condominiums and villages
  Other services

Accommodations listed:

Number Name Position on map Type of accommodation
1 Jurassic Mountain Resort & Fishing Park C2 Hotel/Guesthouse
2 Eurasia H2 Hotel/Guesthouse
3 So Sofitel H3 Hotel/Guesthouse
4 Ban Talay Samran H3 Condo/Village
5 Ban Ruen Rom H3 Condo/Village
6 Cha-am Long Beach F/G 4/5 Hotel/Guesthouse
7 Tropicana D/E 3 Condo/Village
8 Panorama Hill D/E 4/5 Hotel/Guesthouse
9 Arlek Resort D/E 4/5 Hotel/Guesthouse
10 Fun D B 8/9 Hotel/Guesthouse
11 Grand Condotel D/E 12 Condo/Village
12 Tuscany C12 Condo/Village
13 Oriental Beach C12 Condo/Village
14 Thew Talay Estate C12 Condo/Village
15 Ban Chaan Talay D/E 12 Condo/Village
16 Condotel D/E 12 Condo/Village
17 A.D. Resort C12 Condo/Village
18 The Energy C13 Condo/Village
19 The Beach Palace D/E 13 Condo/Village
20 Springfield @ Sea D/E 13 Hotel/Guesthouse
21 Springfield Beach Condominium D/E 13 Condo/Village
22 Veranda Resort and Spa D/E 13 Hotel/Guesthouse
23 Ban Ploen Talay D/E 13 Condo/Village
24 Cha-am Beach Club D/E 13 Condo/Village
25 Casa Papaya D/E 13 Hotel/Guesthouse
26 Ban Hansa D/E 14 Condo/Village
27 Casa Seaside C13 Condo/Village
28 Beach Garden D/E 14 Hotel/Guesthouse
29 Ban Rom Mai Rim Hat D/E 15 Condo/Village
30 Ban Sea Talay D/E 16 Condo/Village
31 Vimanlay D/E 17 Condo/Village
32 Regent Chalet D/E 18 Hotel/Guesthouse
33 Sandy Beach D/E 19 Condo/Village
34 Regent Villa C14 Hotel/Guesthouse
35 Rain Cha-am Hua Hin C14 Condo/Village
36 The Regent Cha-am C14 Hotel/Guesthouse
37 Cera Resort C14 Hotel/Guesthouse
38 Cha-am Condominium C14 Condo/Village
39 Novotel C14 Hotel/Guesthouse
40 Cher Resort C15 Hotel/Guesthouse
41 Phu Prachan F5 Hotel/Guesthouse
42 Cha-am Green Beach G5 Condo/Village
43 Mayorhome G6 Hotel/Guesthouse
44 Sun Marina G6 Hotel/Guesthouse
45 Inn Box F6 Hotel/Guesthouse
46 Lullaby G6 Hotel/Guesthouse
47 Sea Shell G6 Hotel/Guesthouse
48 Nana North Beach G6 Hotel/Guesthouse
49 Nana North Beach G6 Hotel/Guesthouse
50 Tony House G6 Hotel/Guesthouse
51 Cha-am Seaside G6 Hotel/Guesthouse
52 Long Beach F7 Hotel/Guesthouse
53 Tara Mantra F7 Hotel/Guesthouse
54 Ban Tawan E6 Condo/Village
55 Cha-Am de la Mer Hotel E7 Hotel/Guesthouse
56 Peerapa Place E7 Condo/Village
57 Sport Village E7 Condo/Village
58 The Cha-am Methavalai Hotel F7 Hotel/Guesthouse
59 Golden Beach F7 Hotel/Guesthouse
60 Paisiri F7 Hotel/Guesthouse
61 Furama Xclusive F7 Hotel/Guesthouse
62 Rua Makham Villa F7 Hotel/Guesthouse
63 Cattareya Condotel F7 Condo/Village
64 Asia Cha-am F7 Hotel/Guesthouse
65 Beachfront Hotel F7 Hotel/Guesthouse
66 Cha Inn F7 Hotel/Guesthouse
67 Sam Resort F7 Hotel/Guesthouse
68 Sweet Home Resort F8 Hotel/Guesthouse
69 Cha-am Villa Hotel F8 Hotel/Guesthouse
70 Cha-am Villa Beach F8 Hotel/Guesthouse
71 Permsuk Bungalows F8 Hotel/Guesthouse
72 Ban Chaolay F8 Hotel/Guesthouse
73 Charlie Place F8 Hotel/Guesthouse
74 Tony House F8 Hotel/Guesthouse
75 Charlie House F8 Hotel/Guesthouse
76 Sala Thai F8 Hotel/Guesthouse
77 First and Field Home F8 Hotel/Guesthouse
78 Bann Pantai F8 Hotel/Guesthouse
79 Nirandorn Resort F8 Hotel/Guesthouse
80 First and Field Bom Dia F8 Hotel/Guesthouse
81 First and Field F8 Hotel/Guesthouse
82 Ban Yen Sabai F8 Hotel/Guesthouse
83 T.K. Guesthouse F8 Hotel/Guesthouse
84 C Cha-am E8 Hotel/Guesthouse
85 Srisawat Resort E8 Hotel/Guesthouse
86 Talay Hotel and Villa F8 Hotel/Guesthouse
87 Chaamaran Boutique Hotel F8 Hotel/Guesthouse
88 Nirandorn 3 F8 Hotel/Guesthouse
89 Ban Lan Suan Resort F8 Hotel/Guesthouse
90 Nasuk House E8 Hotel/Guesthouse
91 Perfect House F8 Hotel/Guesthouse
92 The Beach Cha-am Guesthouse F8 Hotel/Guesthouse
93 Golden Guesthouse and Restaurant F8 Hotel/Guesthouse
94 Cha-am My House F8 Hotel/Guesthouse
95 Anantachai Guesthouse F9 Hotel/Guesthouse
96 Ban Tak Lom Chom Talay F9 Hotel/Guesthouse
97 Dream Boutique Hotel F9 Hotel/Guesthouse
98 White Hotel F9 Hotel/Guesthouse
99 Irin F9 Hotel/Guesthouse
100 Naruemon F9 Hotel/Guesthouse
101 Bungalow Viwathana F9 Hotel/Guesthouse
102 Evergreen Resort E9 Hotel/Guesthouse
103 Thai Paradise E9 Condo/Village
104 Blue Moon F9 Hotel/Guesthouse
105 Rungaran de Challet F9 Hotel/Guesthouse
106 Good Night Minitel F9 Hotel/Guesthouse
107 Santisuk Bungalows F9 Hotel/Guesthouse
108 Cha-am Park Resort E9 Hotel/Guesthouse
109 PJ Park E9 Condo/Village
110 Nipon Resort F9 Hotel/Guesthouse
111 Ban Chom Hat E9 Hotel/Guesthouse
112 Sea Sun Resort E9 Hotel/Guesthouse
113 Raya Resort E9 Hotel/Guesthouse
114 Little Home E10 Hotel/Guesthouse
115 Lumpini Park Beach 2 E10 Condo/Village
116 Beesmile E10 Hotel/Guesthouse
117 Paso Resort E10 Hotel/Guesthouse
118 Kham Ngoen E10 Hotel/Guesthouse
119 Lumpini Seaview E10 Condo/Village
120 Lumpini Park Beach E10 Condo/Village
121 Sabaya Jungle Resort E10 Hotel/Guesthouse
122 Ban Fern Talay E10 Hotel/Guesthouse
123 I Calm Resort E10 Hotel/Guesthouse
124 Grand Pacific Sovereign E11 Hotel/Guesthouse
125 Ban Thew Lom E11 Condo/Village
126 Mawadee Island D11 Hotel/Guesthouse
127 Vann Resort D11 Hotel/Guesthouse

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