Beware of jellyfish

Signs warning of jellyfish have been erected on Cha-am beach. The text in English says:

Although stings here are not common, we prefer you to safely enjoy our beautiful beaches and have taken precautionary steps that meet with international standards.
If in the rare event you are stung by toxic jellyfish (i.e. box jellyfish), please follow these steps:

  1. Call for help or call an ambulance (Tel 1669)
  2. Calm the injured person
  3. Do not rub the wound
  4. Pour vinegar over the wound for at least 30 seconds (do not use fresh water)
  5. If unconscious and not breathing/beating, start CPR before pouring vinegar

I’m not sure if the old “golden shower” remedy is still on in the case there is no vinegar around. Anyone care to enlighten us?

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