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Cha-Am: general information

Where to go shopping

Cha-Am is not especially exciting as far as shopping is concerned, but markets and mini-markets are everywhere, so at least it is convenient to buy what you need.


Cha-Am fresh market is on the other side of Phetkasem Road, in the direction of the train station. Turn left before the train station and go straight.

Cha-Am night market (talat nad) takes place near the train station, opposite Cha-Am municipality, every Wednesday. It's a large market with plenty of shops and it gets very crowded during the high season. It's also a popular meeting place for expats who hang out at beer bars while their "tirak" is strolling the market. Another popular market is on Monday, on hospital road near the Family Mart junction. A small market can also be found at the traffic lights junction between Narathip Road and Chao Lay road (Chao Lay being the second road running parallel to the beachfront).


There are Seven Eleven and Family Marts all along the beachfront and Narathip Road, and there is also a Tesco Lotus Express opposite Cha-Am market (not far from the train station). Let's also mention the two CJ shops, one near the fresh market and the other one on the left hand side of the road leading to the beach.

Cha-Am market

Tesco Express facing Cha-Am market


The biggest supermarket in Cha-am is a small Big C Market, on the left side of the road going to Hua Hin, 800 meters after Cha-am main intersection. Other than Big C, the closest large supermarkets are Tesco Lotus in Thayang (on the road to Bangkok), Big C in Phetchaburi, Makro (north of Hua Hin) and Market Village (south of Hua Hin). Market Village has a Tesco Lotus, Home Pro and all the kinds of shops that you usually find in Thai malls (clothes, home decoration, mobile phones, toys, etc.). There is also a fitness center, a cinema and a playground area for kids with karaoke and games. Many restaurants too, including Pizza Company, KFC and Sizzler.

Market Village in Hua Hin

Inside Market Village

Western products

For expats who are worried about where to buy western products, like cheese, chocolate, jam, and whatever else that can't be found in Thai mini-markets, we suggest you head to Okay Supermarket on Narathip Road. It's a small place but very well-stocked, and it can save a trip to Bangkok. Big C and CJ shops also have many products.

Cha-Am Memory (Ram Leuk in Thai) is also worth mentioning. It's on the north part of the beachfront, close to Narathip junction. It is a Thai mini-market, but with a lot of western products. The place itself is not very engaging, a bit old and decrepit, but the stock is well maintained.

Okay Supermarket on Narathip Road

Cha-Am Memory

Factory Outlet

There is a factory outlet a few kilometers outside of Cha-Am, where you can buy branded shoes and clothes at discounted prices. It is located on Phetkasem road, on the left side of the road in the direction of Bangkok, between km 182 and km 183. Another outlet can be found 50 km farther north, about km marker 135.

 Download the Outlet's layout map at PDF format (right click/save as)

Premium Outlet Cha-Am

A shopper's paradise!

Where to buy souvenirs

You can buy souvenirs from shops along the beachfront. Mostly you will find tee-shirts or sea-shell garlands! If you are after "khong fak", those Thai style gifts that you bring back from anywhere you have been "teeo", then head on for Cha-Am South, soi 4, or just spot one of the many pick-ups selling them to groups of people about to board buses or checking out of hotels.

Hats and handbags made from hemp (pan-sor-na-rai) are also available at Hup Kapong village, a few kilometers outside of Cha-Am (see our interactive city map for exact location).

Sea-shell garlands

Thai tourists buying "khong fak"

Hemp hats in Hup Kapong

You can also see the fabrication process

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