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Welcome to Cha-Am, Thailand is a personal webpage exclusively dedicated to Cha-Am, in Thailand. Our goal is to provide free and up-to-date information for tourists and expats.

  Check out Christmas and New Year's Eve special menus!

Latest News from Cha-Am

Cha-am Paris Style, the new place in town (published 23 Nov 2014)

Opening November 24, Cha-am Paris Style is a bistro lounge, a restaurant and also a guesthouse. It’s quite different from most other [...]

The high season is on (published 13 Nov 2014)

Beautiful weather at south Cha-am this afternoon. The rainy season is going to end soon, that must be why our Scandinavian friends are all back, it [...]

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About Cha-Am

Cha-Am (it can also be written Cha am or Chaam, in Thai ชะอำ) is located 170 km south from Bangkok (2 hours by car) and 25 km north from Hua Hin, the famous seaside resort. Whereas Hua Hin has more facilities and a lot to offer for tourists (shopping, restaurants, entertainment...), Cha-Am is appreciated for its quiet and laidback atmosphere, its 5 km long beach, and its wide range of restaurants and accomodations.

Why visit Cha-Am

While Cha-Am successfully caters for foreign tourists, it remains a Thai resort, with a large majority of Thai tourists. So if you are looking for the "real Thailand", for an "authentic experience", well this is it! However, the sea isn't really crystal clear, so if you want to do some diving or snorkelling, you should go further down south, to an island like Ko Tao or Ko Pha Ngan. Please also note that there is hardly any nightlife in Cha-Am. There are much better places elsewhere if you are after partying and nightlife action.

Thai people visiting Cha-Am usually come from Bangkok for the weekend. So the beachfront is very quiet during the week, and gets more animated during the weekends and national holidays. No need to say, Cha-Am is THE place to go if you are travelling with your Thai wife or Thai family. They will love it and they will feel comfortable here, which is not always the case in other popular resorts. Cha-Am is also ideal for western families, as there are a lot of activities for children and no bar scene like in Pattaya or Phuket. Expats and long term tourists in Cha-Am are mostly retirees from Northern Europe (Scandinavia, Netherlands...).

Let's share our experience

If you have any questions about Cha-Am or Thailand, or if you want to meet fellow expats, please join our forum!

Latest active topics:

    Je cherche des infos : (latest reply 14 Dec 2014)

    Il n'y a pas d'association ni de point de rencontre en particulier, mais les francophones ne sont pas très nombreux. Pour un premier contact il suffit par exemple de passer devant les petits bars du marché du mercredi et de repérer une table où l'on parle français.

    Personnel francophone je suppose que tu veux dire [...]

    Didine restaurant (latest reply 08 Dec 2014)

    Here are the special menus for Christmas and New Year's Eve dinner at Didine.


    Didine : un resto avec un chef français à Cha-am (latest reply 08 Dec 2014)

    Voici les menus de Noël et du Nouvel An chez Didine.


    Cha-am Paris Style (latest reply 08 Dec 2014)


    Cha-am Paris Style, un bistrot français à Cha-am (latest reply 23 Nov 2014)

    Cha-am Paris Style est un bistrot lounge et guesthouse qui vient juste d'ouvrir (Novembre 2014) sur Narathip road, à 300 mètres de la plage, juste à côté de la Baguette (il y a donc un grand parking). C'est l'endroit parfait pour amener des amis et déguster un dîner et un bon vin, dans une atmosphère trendy unique à [...]

About this website aims at providing free, detailed and up-to-date information about Cha-Am for tourists and expats. It is a non profit website run by an expat living there.

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